Rustic River Campground Rules & Regulations for OVERNIGHT CAMPERS

Campsites & Vehicles:

  1. One site consists of 2 adults and their children .
  2. Teen campers under the age of 18 are not allowed in the Resort without written permission of a parent or legal guardian.
  3. Only one RV or Camping Unit per site . If the site size allows, you can park a second vehicle. Any extra vehicles must be parked by the storage area by the main gate. 
  4. No tents are permitted in full hook-up RV sites except for the use of your immediate family (minor children) and are used in addition to the RV on the lot. Tents for your kids, not another family (adults)
  5. Registration and payment in full must be completed before occupying your designated site.
  6. Site location identifications are clearly labeled, and must be occupied as designated.  Occupation of the wrong will require requirement to relocate immediately. Failure to relocate to the correct stall on a cooperative basis may result in eviction with no refund.  If you are unable to locate your site or are unsure that you are in the correct site, please return to the office and ask for help.
  7. Check-in time is 2PM , and it ends at 8:30PM to avoid disturbing others. If you are traveling from afar and will be later please phone ahead and please phone ahead to make alternate arrangements and/or move your reservation to the following day. We expect you to park outside of the gates if you arrive later than 9PM. There is no setting up after 9PM.
  8. Check-out time is 11:00 am. If you are not out by 11AM a $1/minute fee will apply.  If you wish to stay longer you must make prior arrangements at the office. Additional costs may apply.
  9. Gates will be closed at different times during weekdays and weekends. Please check the gates hours at check-in. The stall number of the person who opens the gate after hours is for EMERGENCY only.  If you do not follow this rule a charge of $100 will be applied to your reservation for disturbance. 
  10. We are a quiet family campground.  Loud music is not permitted at any time. All music must be shut off by 11:00 pm. $100 fine applied to your reservation for noise disturbance
  11. It is not permitted to sell any goods or services within the Resort without prior permission in writing from Management.
  12. Limit of one vehicles per site. Vehicles must be parked fully on the site and not block the roads in any way. No parking on grass or in any empty RV site. Extra vehicles are to be parked in the designated parking area unless there is room on your site without parking on grass, driveway or roadway. If you park in another RV site, you will be charged the daily rental for that site.
  13. No washing vehicles or RV’s.  Specially by the river.  IT IS ILLEGAL TO DO SO.
  14. Any firewood left in a campsite is property of Rustic River or Owned by a leaseholder. If you are found to be taking firewood wood from another site you will be fined. 

Services: Wi-Fi, Water, Power, Sewer, Garbage, Recycling:

  1. All campers/RVs using the Resort’s water from any public water spigot are required to let the water run for 2 minutes before connecting to water hookups. This eliminates stagnant water entering your RV unit. We drink the water but do not certify it as potable.
  2. We are not the town dump so please do not bring your garbage here for disposal. Our garbage collection service is ONLY for the garbage that you would normally generate during your stay here at the Resort. One 30 Gallon (30” x 36”) size trash bag per day is free, any additional bags will be charged at the rate of $5.00 per bag. All garbage must be disposed of in our central garbage bins, campers to bring their garbage to these bins Site must be cleaned before checking out. If the site is left without complete cleanup you will incur a $75.00 charge.
  3. All recycling must be placed in the receptacles provided by the Resort in the office area. Garbage other than household garbage is NOT to be disposed of in the campground. It must be removed from the Resort by the camper. Discarded or broken things left for the Resort to discard will be charged the above $75.00 site cleanup fee.
  4. We offer Wi-Fi and Internet services throughout the resort. Guests can join the WiFi Network ‘Rustic Guest’ and then they will be taken to a page where they can purchase either package (enter in their credit card info, etc). We can not guarantee wi-fi close to the river. 
  5. Satellite dishes are only allowed within your own site.
  6. Each RV unit must have a self-contained sewage system.  Campers are responsible for emptying their sewage at 3rd party sites or can book our vacuum truck to have their sewer tanks emptied for a fee for each service call. The Campground  has a Sani-dump which can be used.  Any clean-up costs resulting from sewer leaks or incorrect hook-ups are the responsibility of the person(s) occupying the lot. If you are caught dumping any grey or black water in your site, you will be charged $250 and will be asked to leave the premises. 
  7. All RVs must have sewer connections which seal tightly.
  8. Only non-toxic toilet and cleaning chemicals and eco-friendly toilet paper may be used in the RV units.

Day Use, Visitors & Guests

  1. There are no visitor,  guests or day passes or day use at Rustic in 2020 due to COVID-19.  If you have day visitors and they disturb the peace;  asking to open the gate before or after hours, or any other complaints , you will be the one responsible for any fees/fine charged to them. 
  2. Under no circumstances will campers, seasonal RVers, event guests or any others allow a minor to be served, to assist in serving or to consume alcohol in or on any part of the Resort.


  1. Due to concerns about transfer of disease and insects we insist that NO OUTSIDE WOOD can be brought into the resort. Outside wood will be confiscated and not returned. Fire wood must be purchased from the campsite office. Wood ‘found’ on the resort may NOT be used for campfires. We may have ask you to leave the Resort without a refund if found to be carrying outside firewood. 


  1. Dogs must be controlled and kept on a leash at all times except in designated “off lease areas”
  2. There is no restriction on bringing your pets as long as they do not disturb the comfort and enjoyment of other campers and leaseholders.
  3. Campers must pick up after their pets immediately. Failure to do so will incur a $20 fee.
  4. Do not tie dogs to clothes lines, trees or fences in the resort.
  5. The Manager reserves the right to require the owner to remove unruly, loud, aggressive or misbehaving animals from the Resort immediately. Any animal which must be removed for this behavior is permanently barred from the Resort.

Park, Beach, Common Areas, Recreational Facilities and Activities

  1. Rustic River Resort is not responsible for personal injury while in the resort. Use of facilities is at your own risk.
  2. Keep our children safe! The 10 km/hour speed limit in the park is strictly enforced!
  3. Absolutely no fire crackers/fireworks are allowed in the park. If this rule is violated, you will be asked to leave the park immediately with no refund on prepaid camping fees. Fireworks are NOT  ALLOWED  RRR. FIREWORKS only to be managed/use by RRR trained staff.
  4. No collecting bottles or cans in the resort.
  5. No cutting any plants or trees in the resort.
  6. No diving off our pier, boats, paddle boats or other recreation equipment.
  7. Swimming, boating or other activities on or near the river or our pond are at your own risk.
  8. Launching or removing your boat from the river, including watercraft rented from the resort must be done only in designated boat launch areas.
  9. ATVs, Golf carts, UTV’s and Side by Sides are allowed to be driven within the resort providing that they are NOT equipped with after-market or loud exhaust systems and the units operate quietly.  If units are loud and are disturbing the neighbor’s campers will be told that their specific unit is not allowed to be operated in the resort. All ATV’s and Golf carts must stay on the roads and  obey all traffic and parking regulations, 10 kms per hour is the maximum speed limit within the resort. Use of ATV’s and Golf carts is meant for transport from your site to the store or visit other sites not for off road riding
  10. The use of firearms and all other weapons is strictly prohibited.
  11. Fires are allowed only in designated fire pits and only if permitted by provincial fire guidelines or regulations during dry seasons.
  12. Indoor areas of all facilities are smoke-free.

Vandalism, Theft, Loud Noise, Disruptions, Damage, Fighting, Impaired Driving

  1. Anyone creating excessive noise and/or causing vandalism is subject to immediate eviction. Any intentional damages may incur legal or financial charges and repair costs.
  2. Registered campers are at all times responsible for the conduct of themselves, their children and their guests while on Resort property. All occupants are entitled to quiet enjoyment of the facilities.
  3. We have staff and managers who will make regular patrols. They are authorized to resolve any disruptions. You are required to cooperate with them fully and immediately or police will be called if required.
  4. Any act of vandalism, theft or resort property, fighting or impaired driving or other disturbances and/or aberrant which require Police attendance will result in immediate evacuation regardless of whether the police are called.

Use at Your Own Risk

  1. All use and occupation of space at the Resort is at your own risk.
  2. Rustic River Resort is not responsible for damages caused by other campers, wind, fire, rain, flooding or other weather related or natural events.

Subject to Change and Amendment

  1. These rules and regulations are subject to periodic change and up date. It is the responsibility of all campers, seasonal campers and lease holders to review the Rules & Regulations as posted on the website and / or at the office.

Date of latest revision:            February 18, 2021