ncahnge Cancellation Policy:


    1. Once your site is booked we endeavor to not change the site that you have chosen. There are a couple of reasons why we may need to change your site and they are:

      -If we are in the process of upgrading or maintaining a site and have not completed the work due to weather, or if strong winds or rain cause downed trees or very wet conditions in a site we will move you to a similar site that is in good condition. If your reservation indicates that you are camping with a group we will endeavour to keep the group together. If we have moved you and you were with a group but this does not show in your reservation please let us know so that we can place you back with your group.

      -We are selling long term and seasonal leases and all lots are open for lease. If we sign a lease on a site that you have booked we will move you (or you and your group) to similar sites.

      In all cases, we will try to get a hold of you first, but if we are not successful in contacting you we will make the change and notify you of the new site.
      If you can’t use your booked site then assign it to a friend. We charge a $30.00 fee for the transfer which must be made at least 24 hours prior to the check in date.


    1. Cancellation – Reservations can be canceled and refunded with a $20.00 Administration Fee up to 30 days prior to the check in date.  No refunds are given within 30 days of the check in date, however, you can transfer your reservation in accordance with #16.


    1. Out of courtesy we will try and  re-book your reservation if it is within the 30-day notice period to another date without charge, based on availability.  Please note the that 30-day notice always applies to the ORIGINAL DATE, not the re-booked date.  If you are unable to find a date to rebook prior to the end of the Calendar Year your reservation will non-refundable as per the 30-day cancellation rule.


  1. If you do not have a specific date for re-booking when you are within the 30-day period you can ask us to re-book for December and then contact us when you have a specific date.  This will keep your reservation from lapsing as the booking date has passed. Reservation changes are only valid for the current calendar year.