Do you love family vacations, but sometimes it seems too difficult or chaotic to muster? 

This was an issue for many families in Red Deer, Edmonton, and Calgary. With Rustic River Resort, getting away is easier. Families with RVs or who enjoy the outdoors have been coming to Rustic River for many years. Having access to an RV has allowed tons of families the freedom to escape their everyday routine and bond together. From the short but memorable drive to the relaxation by the water, many families are renting a spot at Rustic River and having fun every weekend! Keep reading to learn how to plan a fun family holiday, and how Rustic River has become a family favourite. With plenty of activities for the whole family, like fishing, rafting, paddle boarding, boating, and hiking, you’ll forget all your troubles and be able to relax with your family. When choosing an RV site, one of the most important things are the activities available for kids and parents. The last thing you want is to be bored while on your family vacation which is why we have tons of great activtities that are nearby from boating to golfing. Our location is a quick trip from Calgary, Edmonton, and Red Deer so city famllies have a destination to enjoy the great outdoors.

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What Things Do Your Family Like?

When you’re deciding on a family holiday it’s important to consider what the whole family enjoys. A holiday for 20 year olds who want to be with friends ando see famous sights is significantly different from a family vacation where parents want their families to connect, laugh, relax, and have fun together.

Why Rustic River Resort Is The Campsite For You:


Riverside Camping


Fun Rentals On Site (like boats, paddle boards, bikes, etc.)


Convenience and Liquor Store On Site


Other Likeminded Families At The Campgrounds


Availability To Rent Long Term

How To Make The Holiday Fun For Everyone

Some families like to lay by the river or dam while enjoying a good book, taking in the sun. Other families prefer an active holiday where they go hiking or four wheeling. Your family may also be adrenaline junkies and have a need for speed like jet boating. Think about what your family likes to do, and plan some activities by checking out our rentals

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Holidays For Teens

Teenagers love their time at Rustic River with our activities like canoeing, jet boat tours, golfing nearby, raft rentals and drone rentals. Get your teenager out of their room and to Rustic River!

Holidays for toddlers, holidays for little kids, little kid playing by the water, how to plan a fun family holiday

Holidays For Little Kids

Young ones love Rustic River because we’re right on the water! For hours, kids can play by the pond, waterpark, go for a bike ride, or play by the river with Mom and Dad. Rustic River is a great place to relax with your kids!

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Holidays With Other Families

At Rustic River, we have tons of room for everyone. Our big resort has plenty of activities on site. Families can pair off to do their own thing or you can have some fun family competitions with any of the activities on site. But, if you can’t convince a family to join you, there are lots of families on site to make friends with.

Rustic River Resort Is Ready For You!

Now that you know how to plan a family holiday, what to discuss with your family, and why you should visit Rustic River, book your campsite! Tons of families just like yours are enjoying all the fun and relaxing activities that Ristic River has to offer. Book overnight, reserve your lot today, or explore our long-term leasing opportunities!